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Performance Based

The ingredients work synergistically to reduce Cortisol levels in your body. Higher Cortisol levels in the body are linked with rapid weight gain, muscle weakness and many other health problems. Reduced Cortisol levels contribute to achieving physical performance goals.

Cognition & Sharp Focus

The mind-clearing properties of the Adaptogens, Natural Caffeine & Focus Terpene Blend in this formula helps achieve a superior mental state that contributes to sharper focus and improved mental endurance. Think clearer and get more done with this formula. 

General Well-Being

When your body is under stress, it produces a hormone called Cortisol. High levels of Cortisol causes an increase in heart rate and blood pressure. CBD works synergistically with Adaptogens to reduce Cortisol levels.

Pharm Biotics

The Blend: Manage Brain Fog with Mind-Clearing Ingredients to kickstart your day. A blend of Superior Quality Pure CBD, Concentrated Active Adaptogens & Natural Caffeine (Ashwagandha & Guarana) with Terpology® Focus Terpene Blend (formulated by Dr. Ethan Russo).

Suitable for Men & Women.

Made in E.U.

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Know Your Ingredients

no additives, 100% clean & natural

100% Pure CBD

Origin: Europe

Organically Grown Hemp further extracted to obtain High Levels of Non-Psychotic Pure CBD with 0% THC to keep you shielded against any undue legal formality.*


Origin: India

Ashwagandha is an Adaptogenic Medicinal herb. It is known to Boost Brain Function, Manage Stress Levels, Increase Energy levels, soothe symptoms of Anxiety & Depression. It can also Boost Testosterone in men.*


Origin: Brazil
Guarana is a Caffeine-Rich fruit that is known for its Energy Boosting Properties. It is known for Reducing Fatigue, Improve Focus, Enhancing Mood & Improving Overall Cognitive Performance. Native Tribes in the Amazon Rain Forest (South America) have used it ever since.*

Terpology® Focus

Origin: United States

Focus Terpene Blend is based on a foundation of mind-clearing alpha-pinene and the even-keel of linalool to create a balance between stimulation and calmness. The other components share a common thread with essential oils to help facilitate concentration.*
- Formulated by Dr. Ethan Russo

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