Why Pharm Biotics?

    Sourcing Quality Herbs from their native origins across the globe

    Our Chemists Formulate with latest technologies to ensure maximum bioavailability & potency

    Third Party Lab Tests are mandated to ensure high quality products

    We Share Lab Reports with our customers to maintain transparency and satisfaction

    Clinically Backed Ethical Herbs

    • Supporting Small Farmers: We work alongside small farmers across the globe to source ingredients from their native origins.
    • Picking Our Ingredients:  At Hemp Studios, we pick & choose ingredients with long history of clinical trials towards the targeted benefit. All ingredients are Food Grade Certified.
    • Ingredients Are Tested:  Quality & Ethicacy of each ingredient is tested before we start our production practices to ensure the absence of toxic metals & chemicals in our herbs.

    Latest Extraction Technologies

    • Extraction Method: TBC.
    • Potency of Herbs: Each herb is carefully extracted to prepare more concentrated and potent formulations with other cannabinoids.
    • Manufacturing Facility:  Our manufacturing facilities are GMP Certified (Good Manufacturing Process), Disinfected & Hygienic.

    Access Lab Reports

    • Full Transparency: Unlike other brands we want to fight against misinformation, bogus labelling & white lies.
    • Scan the QR code: Qr codes are provided on each product. Simply scan the code through your smartphone camera and follow the link to see the contents in your product.
    • Find your product:  Go through the records and locate lab results by identifying the serial number of your product.
    • How to read Lab Reports:  To ensure satisfaction, find the information on total CBD, toxic metals analysis & other cannabinoid profiles.