Your Dosage is Personal

    There are 30 Million Active CBD Users around the globe with one common question. How much CBD should I take?

    Our Recommendation

    • Tailor Made: It's all about finding the right dosage that works for YOU!
    • Feeling Drowsy/Dizzy?: A very little % of first-time users may experience a 'hangover' effect. Try lowering your dose by 20mg & increase gradually. It's a positive sign of potent active ingredients.
    • Feel Nothing?: Remember, wellness is a routine rather than a 'cure'. We suggest a daily intake of at least 40mg-60mg for 30 days, before making any judgements.

    Other ways to use

    • Under The Tongue: Suitable for edible CBD oils. Holding it under your tongue for 90 seconds allows the mucus membranes to absorb active ingredients into the bloodstream effectively.
    • Mix it in your Drink: Suitable for Water Soluble CBD, as oil does not mix well with water. Avoid mixing CBD with fizzy drinks & alcohol.
    • Topical application: Suitable for Massage Oils & Balms infused with CBD. Rub a generous amount on the targeted area twice daily.

    When to Use

    • Benefit based: Depending on the benefits you are seeking. For example - we recommend using Energy Drops in the morning & Sleep Drops in the evening.
    • Morning: On an empty stomach, with your breakfast or with your morning beverage.
    • Night: 90 minutes before bed. This will give your body enough time to absorb the ingredients and prepare for a good night's sleep.
    • Menstrual Pain: Start using 3-4 days before you start your cycle and continue dosing throughout the week, double your dose on heavier days.